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Selecting your manufacturing partner early in the design process is critical. Not all contract manufacturers are the same, nor do they offer the same level of capability.  Engaging with us early on allows us to help you meet your cost targets, business goals and milestones. Early engagement also ensures your product proceeds through development with minimal headache.

Leverage Our Manufacturing Partner Network

Pegmatis has a large network of trusted manufacturing partners, on, off and near shore. We will work with you to match your manufacturing partner to align with your needs. We will work very closely with your team, actively considering your budget, time to market, supply chain and product needs.

Hardware Selection is Vital

Many newcomers to design overlook the importance of the hardware selection process. This is inherently intertwined with manufacturing. When we design, we consider component sourcing availability, lifecycle, cost, volume benefits, functionality, complexity, product tooling, supplier hardware and software support. When you engage Pegmatis early in the process, your product will have a viable and streamlined path to market.

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