Developing success where others could not



Teralytic boasts a market-leading technology platform that enables farmers to get detailed soil quality data via a single probe. The device features 26 sensors that report on soil moisture, salinity, and NPK (nitrogen/phosphorus/potassium) at three different depths, as well as aeration, respiration, air temperature, light, and humidity.


Teralytic was lost in a product development maze. The company had several generations of products at various stages of maturity, each meeting a custom need, but they really needed to converge on a single device that could evolve along with changing needs.


Our hardware experts quickly identified a number of design challenges that needed immediate rectification, including difficult-to-source components and high assembly costs. We recognized a need not just to develop a harmonized device but one that could provide a cost-effective solution for greater market penetration.


We took Teralytic’s device under our wing, pulled it apart and pieced it back together to produce a solution that meets the highest standards of reliability, serviceability and durability – while costing less to assemble, and meeting the client’s aggressive timeline for the initial ask.


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