We Capitalize on Experience and Technology to Create a Better Future

With our strategic, operational and technical foundation, we create solutions that work. Our solutions are the result of our experience, continual research, and integration of emerging technologies to deliver truly innovative results. We combine art, science, and technology to design and develop new products and solutions. Pegmatis partners with enterprises to bring products to market faster and more cost-effectively, from concept to creation.

Dream. Design. Deliver. If you can imagine it we can create it.

Irrespective of your organizational capabilities, processes and culture, Pegmatis can bring value to any project, no matter at what stage it may be. Our end-to-end approach, combined with our technological and innovative skills, creates value for your organization.

We manage every project holistically, clearly understanding the complexities and disciplines involved for every stage of the development process.


Concept to Creation

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Our Design Philosophy

Innovation is a central process that drives economic progress, and provides organizations with competitive advantages as well as sustainable growth. With an emphasis on technology, we incorporate the following concepts to the design process:


Every project contains the need for a strategic evaluation that extends beyond technological innovation. One must align the desired business outcomes with strategic vision and the entire management process.


We focus on our clients’ outcomes and adopt a highly collaborative approach to every project. Collaboration extends beyond just the client/vendor relationship: we include our internal cross-functional teams, 3rd parties, manufacturers and partners in this collaborative process.


We provide value beyond successfully delivering on the technical requirements. Our bench strength, with hundreds of years of combined experience, has generated millions of dollars in Intellectual Property for our clients, dramatic cost savings and accelerated timelines.


Constant communication: a critical element of success on any project. Our projects are governed by process, plans, clear milestones, go/no-go events, progress updates and resolution protocols all with the aim of efficiently delivering value every step of the way.


Our approach creates value beyond design. We provide innovative elements such as proprietary methods and processes, exposure to internal resources and a vast network of external partners.


Transparency is a core value at Pegmatis. We require our entire organization to remain open about key points of information throughout an engagement. Through transparency we build trust and with trust, our partnership grows.


We think outside the box. With experience gained from hundreds of projects across varied industries we have the ability to innovate.

Trusted by Enterprises Worldwide

Trusted by Enterprises Worldwide

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