Turning lost and discouraged into a viable finished product



A decrease in blood flow, and a decrease in neurological awareness, is the most common precursor to long-term chronic pain. The ATOM EFV device enables neurological reprogramming that brings new oxygen to the targeted region, providing an immediate change that leaves the patient excited and relieved until their next treatment.


When Athletix approached Pegmatis, they were in dire straits. They had already expended several years and hundreds of thousands of dollars on a device that was not producing the desired results.

Solution ​

Athletix hired us to help finally realize their product vision. We put our heads down to provide expert guidance on regulatory requirements, provide the appropriate vendor partners, and innovate a novel approach to fulfil the product concept.


Today, the ATOM EFV is a true stand-out in the marketplace, offering a unique and proprietary waveform not currently available in any other electro-stimulation unit known at this time.


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