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Aircraft equipment manufacturer

Our client is one of the largest aerospace OEMs in the world. The international high-technology group focuses exclusively on the aviation, defence and space markets. The group aims to innovate ways to make air transport more environmentally friendly, comfortable and accessible.


Our client was experiencing several innovation roadblocks that needed to be addressed immediately. They were lacking internal R&D resources, had legacy products and equipment that were getting critically close to end-of-life, and were experiencing numerous part availability challenges that posed supply chain risk to both their own products as well as their customers. The products that required a rethink included flightworthy electronic systems, and nuclear and aerospace test boards.


After consulting with Pegmatis, our client felt empowered by the depth of experience and cross-functioning team structure we offered. The group appreciated our intelligent and balanced approach, were confident that we could successfully address their design issues, and viewed our firm as the perfect fit in complementing, supporting and bolstering their internal teams.


To date, we have successfully supported our aerospace client in numerous ways and helped them preserve their exceptional reputation. Tasks completed include providing design support for legacy products that required updates due to parts shortages, analyzing and strategizing a cost-effective redesign of the group’s legacy test boards to correct issues from end-of-life parts and difficult-to-source components, and providing detailed plans to cost-effectively redesign entire product categories while detailing the impact of the redesign to firmware, product functionality and more.


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