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Two industry leaders functioning as one


High-end audio OEM

Our client is respected worldwide for the company’s award-winning line of high-quality components for audio, home theatre and custom installation applications. The company designs and manufactures some of the most prized yet affordable hi-fi components geared to today’s generation of discerning audiophiles.


Our OEM partner realized that they didn’t currently have the internal engineering resources necessary to maintain their ambitious innovation agenda. They approached Pegmatis seeking a capable design partner that could enable them to remain at the forefront of audiophile technologies while complementing their internal teams and seamlessly allowing them to stay on their aggressive product development roadmap.


Upon showcasing our extensive background in high-end audio design and world-class end-to-end product development capabilities, our client realized Pegmatis was the ideal partner. No other firm they interviewed displayed such extensive internal capabilities in hardware, firmware and software support, and they were confident we could help the company maintain its leadership position in the audio technologies marketplace.


We collaborated closely with the client’s internal teams to develop a wide range of next-generation ultra-high-fidelity products, providing the company with the much-needed bandwidth and intellectual capital necessary to meet its product launch goals.
On a software level, we implemented a progressive new user interface. We ensured the complete product lineup could support the wide range of music streaming services available today like no other product line available in the consumer market. We also implemented firmware support for international language translations, developed test automated mechanisms for firmware, restructured and ported the company’s legacy firmware platform from Perl to Google’s Go programming language, and custom-developed an ALSA driver for the client’s specific audio platform running on NXP imx8 SOCs.
The systems we helped develop universally met the client’s stringent requirements for unparalleled audio and AV fidelity.


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