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From concept to proof to market


Liberty Defense

Liberty Defense offers revolutionary threat-detection technologies that can detect concealed threats in all verticals. Their solutions efficiently secure high-traffic areas with multiple entry points such as schools, airports, and entertainment venues in a reliable and non-intrusive manner.


When Liberty Defense approached us, they lacked the comprehensive infrastructure required for a project of this nature. Our role was to help them conquer a highly complex hardware problem and ensure it was certifiable while providing detailed guidance on the steps needed around regulation and compliance.


We were initially tasked by investment professionals to assess the new technology developed by MIT-Lincoln labs and create a company to support the homeland defense market. We adopted a multi-year support plan to help them achieve FCC certification and meet regulatory guidance, including software requirements. The software architecture we developed also had to support artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Not only did we provide the basis for establishing a company that had an IPO with a $60 million market cap, but we reached into our human resources network to provide the investor with a CEO capable of leading the business. We continue to support Liberty Defense with software and hardware solutions that will enable them to continue innovating in the challenging industry of high-speed radar-based solutions for covert weapons detection.


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