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The first BLE 5 Mesh verified product on the market



Katerra was a US-based startup with a vision to revolutionize the construction industry by developing a connected manufacturing ecosystem that would allow them to deliver better product quality at a lower cost, thereby growing shareholder value.


Katerra needed to develop the technological framework capable of supporting the firm’s plan to provide large-scale building solutions while reducing unit costs and providing a better customer experience. To be successful and to meet their business demands the company had set very aggressive cost targets.


We were engaged to assess design opportunities for modular, prefabricated multi-dwelling building components to meet rigid durability requirements. At the same time, the building components needed to integrate with a connected manufacturing support system that would comply with regional building codes. Katerra leveraged our expertise to build a business case that looked beyond the product and positioned the company as capable of delivering on a large scale.


We designed electric lighting and switch components using wireless technologies to provide a solution that significantly reduced both labour and material costs. By reaching deep into our vendor manufacturing network, we were able to deliver an end product that met the client’s very aggressive cost targets. We also architected and validated a mass-scale provisioning software system for the component and tested it against allowing the lighting systems for an entire multi-dwelling building system (potentially hundreds of wireless devices) to be provisioned automatically in a highly secure manner. The end-to-end ecosystem we designed was in the first BLE 5 Mesh verified product on the market.


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