Better, stronger, smaller



Quanimus has developed a state-of-the-art, non-invasive, neuro-muscular assessment and monitoring system that quantitatively and objectively measures superficial skeletal muscle function. Their solution can be leveraged by research institutions, sports science and medicine, healthcare practitioners, even workplaces for wellness screening and fraud prevention.


Like many of the great ideas we work with, Quanimus had been stalled in the prototype development stage for over 36 months. The tooling solution was incomplete, and the existing process was unable to reduce the profile and footprint of the prototype, which had delayed the startup’s business objectives.


We began by identifying the two core issues affecting product development: the wearable sensor was unreliable, and the existing concept used a custom computer solution that was too expensive. We redesigned the device to solve the reliability issue with the wearable sensor, and we changed the system architecture to an off-the-shelf laptop that connected the sensor via USB to significantly lower the cost of the hardware.


The redesigned Quanimus prototype was now a functioning system capable of entering clinical trials. The new system had a reduced footprint, exceeded durability targets, was on an architecture that yielded a platform-agnostic device and had a software application that could securely collect patient information and store it locally on the machine. The smaller unit profile had previously been considered impossible by the client.


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