2019 Forbes Innovation Icon Award winner



BinSentry has pioneered a feed ordering automation platform that helps the agriculture industry manage the most time-consuming and error-prone tasks within the livestock feed supply chain. The platform enables users to receive accurate, realtime insights to make business processes more seamless and efficient than ever before.


BinSentry approached us to take their innovative Ag-Tech platform to the next level. They required a custom enclosure to build the BinSentry brand and provide the agility to develop a broader, more identifiable product. Challenges in the company’s existing solution included connectivity signal integrity and battery power issues, and some environmental challenges.

Solution ​

Our deep experience in hardware design and connectivity meant that we could re-evaluate the readiness of their existing product. Next, we innovated a mechanical design capable of surviving in challenging environments, and overhauled their current electrical hardware for improved signal integrity and performance.


We developed a robust IP66 housing design that was manufacturable, and created design mitigation paths to ensure correct use by the platform’s customers. We also provided firmware support to meet the launch date successfully and ensure investor and channel partner confidence. A true gamechanger in the Ag-Tech industry, BinSentry received the 2019 Forbes Innovation Icon Award for their pioneering concept.


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