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Innovating the next generation in mobile phone technology



Electronics manufacturing firm

Our client is one of the largest electronics manufacturing services and original design manufacturing companies in the world.


We were approached by a company that wanted to evolve today’s mobile phone into a “super-phone” capable of addressing high-performance business use cases such as user multi-tasking, enlarged display and even support multiple displays – all within widely accepted form-factor size limitations.


We designed and developed the world’s first true multi-tasking mobile phone based on the Android platform. The phone was a dual-display device that could fold and become the same size as an iPhone. When opened in two-display mode, the phone could run applications simultaneously side-by-side. Furthermore, the device allowed the connection of a third display to enable a third application to operate simultaneously. The multi-tasking, multi-display capability successfully enabled many higher-performance business cases, such as the ability to simultaneously use a conference calling application while looking at photographs or documents. The device also could expand an application viewing area over multiple displays, providing a larger display area.


To achieve this new usability paradigm required extensions be developed deep inside the Android operating system firmware from the driver level to Android system services, and up to system-level applications such as the application launcher. Additionally, new useability mechanisms had to be invented and implemented for navigation and application management at the user interface level. Today, the new mobile super-phone has achieved Android certification and has gained significant interest from mobile carriers around the globe as a new mobile phone product category.


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