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Sub-C Imaging

Marine imaging equipment innovator

Our client creates imaging equipment to work in harsh offshore and subsea environments for use in deep-sea mining, marine research, offshore oil and gas service work, aquaculture and fisheries, defence and archaeology expeditions. Globally recognized, the firm has clients in more than 30 countries utilizing their specialized underwater imaging equipment such as complete camera systems, LEDs, lasers and more.


When our client approached Pegmatis, they were at a serious impasse. The firm was in the process of updating its imagining technologies to accommodate new camera and actuator devices, but its initial firmware supplier was unable to provide a bug-free solution that would complete the integration. With their future sales commitments in jeopardy, they contacted us to trouble-shoot the issue and get their firmware/hardware integration back on track.

Solution ​

With a clear head and fresh perspective, we were able to calmly review each critical issue and create a path forward. We collaborated with the hardware vendor to identify the root cause, and then developed a firmware implementation plan that followed the vendor’s reference design to a T. We also meticulously reviewed the code and debugged each issue one at a time, correcting issues found in multiple layers of the system including device drivers, kernel and low-level camera framework.


We successfully saw the new camera integration through to completion. With our client’s equipment update now complete, they are again meeting their sales commitments with their upgraded and world-leading camera technologies.


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