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Pegmatis’ tightly integrated, experienced team brings deep knowledge and unique problem solving that only comes from intense collaboration.

Ed Becze, PhD
Managing Partner, Hardware
Mobile: 905.580.7035

Ed brings over 20 years of engineering experience to Pegmatis to lead the delivery of high fidelity hardware platforms to market. He ensures that the client’s vision is unquestionably translated into reality, delivering product platforms that delight customers.

Ed spent the first half of his career working for large OEMs like Ford and Pratt and Whitney Canada integrally involved in that strategic development of their leading products working closely with design and manufacturing to deliver high quality products into mass production.  He completely understands the benefits of designing to scale.

Ed transitioned to a leadership role at Flextronics in design with increasing responsibility becoming general manager of a dedicated design center delivering products for companies like Bose, Oakley, Valve and Google. With his diverse, hands-on background and experience both in manufacturing and in design, he ensures that the products he is responsible for are designed to meet the highest quality metrics and will roll into manufacturing with minimal pain. Preparedness and uncompromising design quality is his mantra.

Ron Cassar, BA, (Hons Comp Sci)
Managing Partner, Software
Mobile: 416.565.0203

Ron Cassar has extensive multinational leadership experience with an array of domains including internet-of-things, smart control, smart TV, mobile, telecommunications, and document/content management. He has worked with Bell Northern Research, Nortel, Siemens, and Flextronics.

Among Ron’s many career accomplishments is leading the software engineering organization at Jamdeo, where he delivered VIDAA to reestablish Hisense as the number one Smart TV solution in China. Ron also managed the organization that delivered the system software for the IMERJ dual-screen Android phone.

Ron’s greatest strength is his ability to take a concept and break through technical, staffing, and/or mental barriers to generate momentum for ground-breaking technology. He leads his teams to achieve unparalleled software quality through proper design, development, and quality practices; he is also highly effective in adapting methodologies and practices to create hybrid approaches for any organization and type of product.

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