New Product Development Consulting Services

With our decades of experience working on scores of projects, we have established a repeatable process that provides us with a sophisticated understanding of where the risk lies and a pragmatic innovative management process, increasing your speed to market with a finished product. Pegmatis, Inc., offers new product development consulting services to help inventors and investors make the best choices for their futures.

How Do We Help Inventors?

We work with you to thoroughly evaluate any type of new product or legacy product and advise you on the best path depending on your business needs and goals. Common assessments we offer are for:


With an eye on requirements, cost, functionality, and scale, we can assess the technical feasibility of your product. You can also rely on us to identify key risks and help mitigate them.


Even if you feel confident in your product design, you may not be sure how to tackle the manufacturing of your product. We can guide you through the process and ensure your partners are capable of delivering to your satisfaction.

Product refresh:

To improve an existing product, we can identify new and innovative technologies to integrate into your product in addition to cost reductions.

We are also happy to help entire organizations with their manufacturing and design processes.

How Do We Help Investors?

We are experts in the management of technological uncertainty. Our experience drives us to focus on pragmatic and sensible designs and allows us to apply our expertise and knowledge to every step of the development process. We competently navigate all aspects of development, from ideation, architecture, prototyping, engineering, supply chain to manufacturing and production.

Our experience in new product development consulting allows us to evaluate any new product or product investment opportunity and compile a report of the technical feasibility of the proposal. With our can-do approach, you will level-set your expectations to the achievable.

Ultimately, our goal is to provide our clients with objective assessments aligned with quality product implementations, thereby ensuring investment returns for investors and inventors.

Pegmatis brings to the table, a multi-disciplinary team incorporating a mindset focused on collaboration, a managerial judgment of the viability of the proposed technology path, and a comprehensive understanding of every stage of the design and development process. Combine all of this with our ecosystem, and you will end up with a true end-to-end design partner for any project.

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