Software Development Services

Pegmatis Offers Software Development Services in a Wide Range of Industry Verticals

We specialize in the end-to-end software development of connected / IoT products and their associated ecosystem of software assets such as manufacturing test infrastructure, manufacturing and post-manufacturing device provisioning, mobile, web, or desktop applications, and cloud-based infrastructures.

Our software development staff steps into the future every day. They work hand-in-hand with our hardware designers, trusted suppliers and partners to keep abreast of latest technological advancements. This, combined with our collective centuries of industry experience, allows Pegmatis to provide its customers with the technology leadership they deserve.

 Whether you are beginning a new project and need a full outsourced team to execute start to finish, need only a portion of your project to be outsourced, or just need additional resources to augment and work within your existing team, Pegmatis can provide the skilled professionals to make your project a success. All of our software development staff are seasoned professionals skilled and willing to work in any type of development environment including Agile, Waterfall or hybrid.

Our software team is capable of working anywhere in the software stack from firmware, high-performance library, framework, application (mobile, web and desktop), and cloud. We can help at any phase in your process and with most technologies. We have resources on hand that can fill any role in the software development discipline ranging from project management, requirements specification, ideation, prototyping, architecture, user experience, coding, quality assurance (test planning, test execution, test automation).

Software development isn’t just about technology. A software project can be a risky venture. You may be innovating a new product, or you may need to evolve an existing product pushing your existing architecture and tools to their limit. The experienced professionals at Pegmatis have spent a lifetime delivering successful projects to market. We can help to define a project strategy and process that will turn your risky software project into a heads-down predictable coding exercise.​

Software Technology

Operating Systems

RTOS, Linux, Embedded Linux, BSD, Windows, Android, iOS, custom

Cloud Platforms,
Technologies & Frameworks
Cloud (Azure, AWS), Relational Database (DB2, Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, SQLite, Informix, Azure SQL), NoSQL / Non-relational Database (Redis, Cassandra, Data Replication (Couch DB)), Container Platforms (Docker), Node.js, PHP, jQuery, HTTP Server (IIS, Apache, Lighttpd, NGINX)
Chipset Support

SOCs, MCUs, GPUs, camera modules, communication modules and radios, image processors

Development Tools

CVS, Git, Git Repo, Gerrit, Jira, Jenkins, VisualStudio, QtCreator, Attollic Studio, Simplicity Studio, CodeBlocks, BuildRoot (Linux), Make, Cmake, CUDA


L2C, SPI, UART, RS232, RS422, Modbus,
(SSL, Telnet, Ftp, http), UDP

Wireless Protocols

WiFi, WiFi Mesh, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Mesh, Bluetooth LE, LoRa, Cellular, Zigbee, Z-Wave

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